Home Practice #4 Strength

“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?" the boy asked.

"Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.”

Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

Everything in my life right now is demanding more of one thing, strength. All of them; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, magical strengths. My heart, my loves, my yoga, my surf, my health, my bank and my future all require a stronger foundation on which to resume building. This is how I'm gonna get it and pay it forward.

In one word, plyometrics. In two words, soul fire.

"Plyometrics are one of the most effective forms of workout as they force the body to move against gravity which helps burn fat faster" says a top lifestyle & fitness coach

If Iyengar is right, health comes first and everything else comes after. The new coach in my life says the same, "Whatever you want, if you build a foundation of wellness you can have it! Success starts on your insides (in all areas) and when you nourish yourself properly, your outsides start to reflect what's happening inside!" Elite Fitness & lifestyle coach

Like heart and mind team up so do strength and muscle. Do you feel we can free our body & minds by getting shredded with muscle?

I do.

The shredding will involve all of the strengths mentioned above (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and magical.) 

How I'm gonna get it & still call it Home Practice:

Start Date: June 15, 2015 

End Date: July 5, 2015 

-30 minute daily plyo press play on home trainings

-listen to my heart

-Sauna yoga Detox meditation

-personal development

-building relationships with a team & support groups 

-dark chocolate for cravings (you know who you are)

-mostly Paleo, zilcho sugar, zilcho alcohol &portion control

-trying a new shake to pack my body w/ nutrients

-nature adventures & hiking /swimming 

-Floating & Earthing

-Get friends & family to do it w/ me

Go-to's for recipe's

Let food be thy medicine

The doctor of the future will no longer treat human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
-Thomas Edison

The paleo mom, who I'd recommend first due to her extremes on food as medicine. She takes a scientific approach to eating to keep us alive for a very long time always with our roots in mind, 

Second, a firey sweets lover designed delicious recipe's for those cravings that just won't quit. She caters to your sweet tooth, while exchanging out the unhealthy ingredients with better options. (watch her ingredients as they are not always designed for autoimmunity and others on a stricter diet.) Sweet is sweet, 

For those focusing on a plant based diet- The founder of a product that makes it possible for me to recover from my runs, has a host of girthy recipes to keep you energized. Not all of these are for autoimmune eaters either, but can be tailored and are great for your athlete self and turning that flab into fab. 

My Grammy has some of the most mouth watering recipe's I know. Tucked away in cubbard, on mini index cards- there is magic- especially in her meatloaf. Be sure to check in with your elders, but also possibly for ideas on what to cook for dinner tonight.

Meat eaters, Man eaters- how we're meant to be fed

9-16-13 photo by Irving Penn

"After all hunger in the body, simple. Now hunger in the mind, something other than the force that is life." Peaceful Warrior

As said gracefully by Irving Penn, photos are meant to have an impact and this one spoke to me.

After reading one of those graphic, bloody photograph induced magazines on how they slaughter animals for our meat, and being visually reminded with sliced snas's on the faces of furry, friendly animals that have mothers and brothers that lick your face until you coo in submission, I decided this week to embark on the return to being as close to purely plant based as possible.

I embraced the journey for over a decade, what seems like decades ago. (How old am I??) Then, it was about living clean. Now, it's about being fair and taking only my share, as well as feeling strong, healthy, vital, eternal. Besides it's just grossing me out. Even certain fish, when you see them in life, swimming all gorgeously, it seems strange that anyone would hijack them out of the water to put on a plate. Until I feel starving, then I begin to relate to killing for nourishment.

The advice of an adored has me feeling armed in my persistence to pull off living forever. The one who should likely be a life coach, as well as a supermodel, may have the answer to hunger and beauty. I'll take it. He sought these gems below, while searching for the way to restore his body. The word of one facing off decline has proven trustworthy and finding "the best" of everything. Vega One added to your diet seem to take the edge off. You feel whole again, nourished and plentiful. Vega Sport keeps the body supported through movement. Go greener with Innerlight. The root etymology of both include, Chlorophyll. 

Plants have chlorophyll all but mushrooms and fungi types. It has the exact molecular structure as the hemoglobin molecule in human blood, except that the latter has an iron atom and the chlorophyll molecule has a magnesium atom. Plants are our key source of nutrients on a cellular level despite the many messages to otherwise, which can’t be ignored this education begs attention.

A key expert on our live blood cells agrees, Dr Robert O Young, a microbiologist and nutritionist and founder of the company InnerLight Worldwide Inc. He is a pioneer of analyzing living blood cells and has spent years researching diseased and healthy cells under the microscope. He discovered that the essence of life is derived almost exclusively through plants, and that every cell in the body needs the light derived from green plants.

Especially important for the human body system is the green plant pigment chlorophyll and the method of delivery. Innerlight’s mass spectrometer tested greens are made methodically to preserve the fact that they match our blood cells.

**Paleo mom advises staying away from the algae types: chlorophyll, spirulina in order to heal autoimmune, because they are immune activators, however I haven’t found that to be the case.