Another scent that brings on a sensation

Photo Credit: H&M Michaela MacDonnell, Nick Slade Model @miquelavos, Amberly Valentine on the IG of tiare_hawaii
I'm one of those people highly affected by aroma's and scents. Therefore I don't like many of them. Superior purity alone gets lathered onto this beauty.

If I'm writing about it here, it really made an impact.
I wrote about only one other oil in the past, Vetiver. I compared the oil to a lover because it was the scent of a lover that sent me in search of the feeling Vetiver delivered.
It brought about a tranquility that's difficult to describe (the Aura cacia Frontier brand only.)

That same luring emotion snuck up on me this time while at Plough on the Stars with my mother on her recent trip to Philadelphia.
Frank and Myrrh both have a rich history dating back to the beginning of time.
However, only one brings me to a place that feels like heaven.

So far Everyone loves this one. "So much depth" said Anna who I can't stop mystically running into on the lovely streets of Queen Village. "Wow what's that smell" said a man who speaks only when he must.

Ancient Essense with a strong feelings towards Ahimsa (non violence) has created heavens elixir-
My mom dabbed some on my wrist while I was sipping on a Malbec.
Every time I try to stop thinking of this particular succulent being, waves of him crash into me from unsuspecting corners of the universe. There it was that spice, that seduction, that sensation. This time the scent found me.
I thought Vetiver had it- and it does, but this scent hits closer to the home I spoke of when I described the sensuality that vibrates off of this particular man. With a layer of respect and experience- like the aged quality of a fine wine- it sends a chill that makes you want to embrace it.

That sort of Essense that is layered with healing and magnetism- royalty and rebellion.

It can't be described with words. If you need proof I'll give you a peak.

I'm convinced.
One sniff from a lover and he was hooked- insisting much more than usual.
The sassy salon owners daughter left my house doused in it and it made her blush.
My highly selective twins both love it.
It gets its hooks into the universal "you" and changes the air around we breathe.

It's on the top of the list of products- click the link to purchase. Like the brand for the Vetiver I recommended don't try to duplicate with other brands. There is something unique done by both Ancient Essense and Frontier that make the Frank and Myrrh and Vetiver stand apart from the rest.