Black Bear Barista Love

Early this morning the day was offset into a frenzy of productivity by swirls of blackberry, chocolate and creamy hot love in a cup crafted by an artisan barista. 

Feeling all needy and intense on a Monday morning as per the usual, I just had to get out of my home office and into the buzz of my favorite cafe where all is right with the world and high vibes reign.  The most succulent human of the day nodded with a glimmer in his eyes with each request that rolled out of my mouth, “Black Bear,” I read from the sign. “Sounds so good,” I licked my lips mostly because I drooled a little at the thought of a blackberry and chocolate latte called, ‘Black Bear.’ I usually go with lavender or something spicy, but today the air felt brand new. 

The succulent barista smirked with a lively energy that caused him to drop something in that attractive, relaxed and clumsy way. “A big one,” the barista’s eyes widened as he fumbled over the cups. “An extra shot of espresso in that big white mug right there with the wide mouth.” I pointed firmly until he picked it up and I was sure it was mine, “And with oat milk,” I declared satisfied with my creation and oozing with gratitude. 

Good Karma, you always know just how I like it and even though you’re not 3 blocks away anymore, I’ll always come to you.

Washington Square West Good Karma Cafe: