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An Island and a Dream #3

As the island hopping continues some people think we're the worst people on the planet for leaving them, or ignoring them, or whatever (insert eye roll) and others are sending emails and direct messages asking how we do what we do, where we're going next and how do we have the energy to do all of what we do. I just want to say that whatever this all started out to be YOU all have now inspired it into something so much more.

If you're open, the experiences of traveling and moving your home regularly will unravel you, lift you higher, make you lighter and freer, propel you on your journey and open your eyes to a world that would otherwise be hidden in the mundane, the clutter, the comfortable. Yuck. BUT, it requires taking self care up to a triple dose and enhancing your focus on what's most important. You'll learn more about priorities and standing your ground more than you ever have before. Discipline is freedom.

When your home is where your heart is and travel is your home - there are a few things that must come along with...

1. "Butt injections" - when something keeps you feeling strong, youthful, energized, positive, happy, cognitively amplified and full of life you keep doing it no matter what. That's our motto. There's topical, ingesting, sublingual, but nothing seems to compare to injecting supplementation, particularly while recovering from gut issues and overall malnutrition which compiled from decades of abusing my body. When I'm my leanest, most vibrant, radiant self you can bet I'm on top of getting regular B vitamin + other macronutrients, pseudovitamins and amino filled injections. If a nurse is administering them they go right into my fluffiest booty cheek, but when I'm on the road she won't come with me. I tried. I inject them myself into my upper thigh. Boom, amplification continues. They need to be kept cold and hidden from sunlight. Make sure you have the special bag that shields them from light and keep them cold. If you're a Dirty Lemon girl like us, we reuse their packaging all the time for its effectiveness and simplicity. Pure genius. That's the way we like it. Don't forget to dispose of your sharps properly. I'm always sharing the formulation that I like best and many can't imagine how they lived without them before.

2. The Wheel - If you have one you know what I mean and that it's worth it to pack a strange little wheel in your car and carry it into your hotel rooms along with you too. Ten minutes dedicated to sliding on my back and becoming one with this wheel keep me all lined up, crack anything that's found to be out of place, keeps me wide OPEN and full of breath. After all that's the objective. I love the Dharma Wheel but that's also the only one I've ever tried. Let me know if you love another one better. I'm always into hearing about the best.

3. Hand Weights - A light and heavy, because drop sets. Yup, adding an extra 40 lbs to your suitcase is worth it. Bone density cry my sweet loves - keep building your muscle tone and dash away that which strips it naked, including skipping your workouts. If you travel often, or move often, you know that if you stopped working out every time things got all sorts of chaotic you would never actually be progressing your health and fitness. Pack the weights! I usually stash them under the seat if we're driving rather than in the suitcase, but if your suitcase is on wheels they don't take up much space at all and you won't notice the weight. Keep working out! I hope that by now you have a fitness plan that travels with you. We have lots of favorite apps if you're looking for suggestions.

4. The local health and fitness center - Travel should amp you up on your goals, not be a time to take a break from them. Check in on yourself, hold yourself accountable, weigh in, see what goodies the local health and fitness center has on hand for you while you're in town. You're likely to find the "butt shots" here in the event you didn't pack them on ice with you when you left. It never hurts to get a little blood work, have your numbers checked and have some face to face with ladies who are all about health, beauty and fitness. 

5. Just Say No - This one may be more for the frequent traveler and remote career minded individuals. For us, traveling is about getting to our best life and it doesn't mean that we stop working! When your home is your office it requires additional fortitude into placing boundaries around it. It's not really a "break from life" or a "time to party" sort of thing. When we go from place to place there is a specific purpose that exists as the framework of that adventure even though we play it fast and loose when we're there in our own way so we can fully immerse. We're geeks like that - we're always in it to learn something new, or climb higher, or expand into something more and we know discipline is freedom. We don't really "chill" or "vacation" -it's not our style and we're hungry for life and advancement in all the ways. We have this one life to live. If you have friends or family in the areas where you visit, where you move to sometimes, travel to - although social visits may be expected on your arrival, it's important to remain in the zone. I'm big on cutting off social activity to stay on my mission. Plug into the job that made this all possible with increased efforts and diligence because gaining your focus back will take extra attention. Catch up on rest from the time on the road, get settled into your new space, create your new routine, workout!, meditate, stock the fridge with healthy foods and JUST SAY NO to visitors and social calls until you're ready and your energy back. 

6. S A L T - Never leave home without it. I actually pack a small jar of the ocean I leave behind. I carried LBI sea water with me in my suitcase and I'll do the same with the island we're visiting now. Don't forget your salt! Alum salt is a rare find. It doesn't just show up on the store shelves and it's a vital part of our self care routine. Stock up and carry a bag with you for when you get those hotels with the glamorous tubs, or your temporary home that calls for candles around your favorite rubber ducky time. If you've read my blog on Alum salt you'll know it's the worlds best kept secret, costs practically nothing and will keep your lotus flower femininity to utter perfection I tell you. It also has benefits for gum and skin tightening, which never hurts. Flush it out, Purify it and Seal it up. S A L T forever.