The Crane: Featuring Billabong Women's Crane's Song Kimono

Cranes mate for life. This book writing thing has become more and more Avatar each day.  Did you know Cranes are prehistoric animals despite their standing for grace, protection, beauty, royalty and longevity? The particular bird in my Instagram post that may have led you here, I found on a small island this past week. However, it's greyish, which usually indicates it lives in a more forested area. Maybe it daubed itself to disguise where it nests, making it appear more grey, which these delicate and protective beauties are known for doing.

There are 15 species of Cranes in the world and all are at least threatened if not endangered. "Crane medicine” has been known for centuries to make one more revered by others than they imagine, and bring about long, successful lives. Other characteristics it brings one to choose their battles carefully, select quiet wisdom and privacy over aggression. Pamela Hutson also says, “An encounter with a Crane is a powerful experience. You are being asked to look inward, show fairness to all persons, and protect your wisdom while sharing it in appropriate ways. In short, you are being shown the way to balance and good fortune.” 

On arrival to our summer space, adjacent to a handful of tiny islands, the twins and I have been surrounded by Cranes; Both in the home filled with paintings of Cranes and Herons, on the lands around the home and on the beaches. That's what led to me seeking out the "Crane's Song" Kimono of Billabong Women's and now the story behind the Crane, which truly feels like a fit in my life right now. I follow a breadcrumb trail to create these books and really couldn't stop even if I wanted to. 

The first of the Wings and Things miniseries has been posted to the private web page for all of those part of the goddess project and the second has begun to take shape. Thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Mazey