Vaccines are now being made with plants not pathogens

A new way to deliver vaccines around the world to those who are currently suffering and dying without them.

No refrigeration needed.
No pathogens.
Lettuce leaves, and oral delivery will be the new source for vaccines to help protect against Polio and HPV, for example
in areas of the world where those diseases are still taking lives.

The technology behind it:
"Tucked behind old factory buildings on Penn's South Bank campus stands a gleaming greenhouse. The $2 million structure, completed late last year, is state-of-the-art. Drip irrigation ensures each pot receives just the right amount of water. Humidity and temperature are precisely monitored and can be accessed and modified remotely. And if short winter days, snow cover, or cloudy skies prevent enough sunlight from entering the greenhouse, panels and lights on the ceiling adjust automatically to provide light that matches solar radiation.
Such cutting-edge technology might seem over-the-top for a mere greenhouse. But the plants grown inside are not destined for a garden, farm, or windowsill; their intended fate is to save lives."

See full story here on an amazing professor, Henry Daniell and "Growing Plants to Save Lives"