Sink into nature, go within, navigate your shadows and awaken the goddess within. 

Sink into nature, go within, navigate your shadows and awaken the goddess within. 

The 2018 Goddess Project Annual Membership

Stay young, wild and free. Gently reach your full potential body, mind and spirit. Surround yourself with the vibe of the goddess and return to serenity, strength and ignite your soul flames. We're passing on an energy, while regaining our health and our lives. Join us.

Some of what you will get:

  • Monthly Ebooks written by Sarah K. Grundy, Author, Certified integrative health maven, advanced medical modalities expert, yogini and priestess to inspire awakening the goddess within; That glow thing, ultimate healthpositivity, muscle gain, weight loss, flexibility, shining skin & hair, strong nails, more beauty, increased confidence, decreased cravings, anti-aging, stress relief, release and so much more
  • New ebooks each month filled with inspired guidance, boutique fitness, nutrition and yoga
  • Monthly education of a new goddess to guide you to your higher vibrations and show you what women are made of
  • New practices each month that will increase your energy, stamina, focus and elevate your spirits
  •  Empowering meditations, sister science of yoga Ayurveda, guidance on caring for the feminine, supplementations
  • Learn purification and healing practices, self nurturing methods, advanced medical modalities, sacred rituals 
  • A deep education on intuitively selected crystals to align to the goddess of the month, benefits, properties, as well as ways to implement them into your life. Exclusive members only pricing on  Intuitively Selected, Programmed Raw Crystal Boho Jewelry
  • Chakra Education (2018 we heal the root chakra and each year we'll heal another)
  • Gaia Ebook, connect with nature increased focus on our feminine and primal nature, purification of body, mind and soul. Released in March 2018 with a group cleanse alongside a certified integrative health mentor and exclusive discounts with our raw crystal intuitive and programmer who designs boho jewelry to facilitate your own individual transformation. FREE as part of our Goddess Project Annual Membership for 2018 ONLY! 
  • Black Moon Ebook, manifest your intentions, increased focus on facing our shadows, boutique fitness, a deep journey that delves into the relationship we have with ourselves, overcoming obstacles, self worth, healing from trauma along with education on black moon energies. FREE as part of our Goddess Project Annual Membership for 2018 ONLY! 
  • Whole Foods and supplementation education and suggestions. 
  • Members Only Group Support and professionally guided cleanses and events

Goddess Project members testimonials

  • Hormone balance, thyroid and adrenals recovery
  • Decreased symptoms from inflammation, knee and joint pains
  • Cystic Acne eliminated
  • Cravings reduced, or eliminated
  • Recovery from illnesses, injury, surgeries and addictions
  • More energy, decreased belly fat & bloating, more balance, and stamina
  • A more disciplined yoga and fitness practice
  • Increased nutrition and better food choices
  • Less pain, or elimination of pain
  • An awakened purpose from deep within
  • Increased confidence and embodiment of self worth
  • Renewal and rediscovery of their gifts
  • Empowerment, direction, their truth, feeling of being restored
  • Learning to heal others by healing themselves
  • Love, healthier relationships and letting go 
  • Education. Many members go on to be Ambassadors. Ask us how if you're interested in the Ambassador Track.
  • A sense of community, belonging, and so much more

To begin Please share a little bit about yourself here I truly look forward to connecting more and walking alongside you on the path of the Goddess.