meet mazey

Founder, Sarah Kelly Grundy (or as her Grammy calls her, Mazey). Mazey grew up dancing with trees, building forts surrounded by wild untamed raspberry bushes, wandering the forests while straddling urban jungles of the Northeast. It nurtured an intuitive quality about her, deeply rooted in nature and part of what makes her writing, teachings and energy so mysterious. There's a raw, bold and innocent flavor to her words as though they're from another time, and place. They come off the page and into our lives.

From raging campfires secluded from society to war-torn cities or roaring ocean waves, it’s in navigating her way through the shadows, Mazey discovered an alchemy in the body, a magic in the mind, a mystery to love and saw it trickle into every avenue of her life.

She has given herself over fully to the deep dive into the subtle inner layers of the human imagination and experience. Encouraged to look even deeper into herself by Ara C. Campbell opened her up to writing books and online programs, which are now percolating infectiously across the globe facilitating an intrinsic metamorphosis among women. Mazey's transformation took on new meaning among those like Meghan Currie and Katie Fields who light her up.

Within these pages you're held, taken on a journey and amidst a powerful magic. Come with us on an adventure.

Design: Lucette Romy