art/ Lili

Sarah (or as her Grammy calls her, Mazey,) grew up dancing with trees, building forts surrounded by wild untamed raspberry bushes, wandering the mountains while straddling urban jungles of the Northeast. It nurtured an intuitive quality about her, deeply rooted in nature and part of what makes her energy so mysterious. There's a raw, bold and infectious flavor to her, which she has come to find romantic.

From raging campfires secluded from society to war-torn cities or raging ocean waves, it’s in navigating her way through the shadows, Mazey discovered alchemy in the body, magic in the mind, a mystery to love and saw it trickle into every avenue of her life.

She has given herself over fully to the deep dive into the subtle inner layers of the human experience. Encouraged to look even deeper into heart by Ara C. Campbell and Katie Fields opened her up, which began percolating infectiously across the globe. Mazey's transformation took on new meaning among these sisters and influences like Meghan Currie, Alana Blanchard, Sierra and other athletes who remind her all is possible and all is nature.

While weaving her love story you’ll find Mazey among the goddesses, growing and connecting with communities like The Goddess Circle, Gaia Boheme, She Who Is, Seed Phytonutrients and global societies protecting the ocean.

Be love. Heal the sea. Stay Salty + Divine.

M xx