Sarah’s gift is in the way she connects with others, brings people together and builds powerful relationships that lead to growth, as well as driving missions forward. Through online platforms, with a unique digital method, a seeding L'Oréal brand has seen a 46% increase recently after a few months working with Sarah, as well as an unlikely amount of UGC + social media impressions.

With a strong social media reach and resonance rating of 56/96, among 20K, 70% women 30% men, affinity 50% in the US, but also a small portion in France, Australia, Brazil, and Canada, Sarah’s able to both attract and gather strong fit, influencial individuals and businesses, but also serve as an Influencer along the way organically as part of the process.

Brand affinity includes, National Geographic, Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters, Lululemon, Chanel, Go Pro, Vogue, Victoria Secret, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Nike, You Tube, BBC, Google, CNN, Instagram, and Disney to name a few.

Beauty and wellness (skin, hair, health, fitness,) sustainability, health, mind body, advanced medicine, yoga, fitness, sports, art, culture, nutrition, education, ocean conservation, outdoor lifestyle, adventure, photography and more recent works can be perused below.